Small Business Taxes: Understanding the Commonly Overlooked Deductions

Numerous small business owners lose significant amounts of money during tax time. These losses can be attributed to overlooking some critical tax deductions. For instance, many traders ignore some deductions which are not well-known and others which have been made available recently. If you would like to remain competitive in your field and maintain healthy cash flow, you should be cautious not to miss out on these benefits. Here are some of the commonly forgotten tax deductions that you should consider when filing your returns. Read More 

Buying Property: Must-Haves for Tax Depreciation Schedules

Many people often have a huge challenge when they want to reduce their tax liabilities. They look around their businesses or property and fail to identify any loophole they can legally use to cut down their tax expenditure. If you are one such investor who has just bought property, you can reduce your tax burden by using a well-prepared tax depreciation schedule. Depreciation occurs when an item loses value and costs less as time passes. Read More 

Keep Your Money Matters in Check With These Tips

Money! Nobody seems to have enough of it — everyone just wants more and more! Many people complain about working more and earning less. That's how they choose to see things. But not being able to make as much money as one would like is never a good-enough reason to let oneself wallow in financial turmoil. Avoiding this situation may seem hard but it is not impossible.  Here are a few useful tips that may go a long way in helping you manage your finances better. Read More 

From intonation to indemnity: A musician’s quick guide to insurance

Being a sole trading musician in today's ultra-competitive industry can be challenging—the income is sporadic, gigs are often in short supply, and there's always new talent entering the scene. After quite literally singing for your supper, handing fistfuls of cash over to an insurance company might be the very last thing you want to do. Surely income loss via an unforeseen accident, equipment damage or contract disputes is also pretty low on your priority list. Read More